Intially established as a photo agency in 1971, then expanded its works for a total editorial production of magazine articles. After a decade, company focused on a whole magazine production as they are much more efficient to complete under the same operation.
From 1985, FG MUSASHI started its own publishment as MUSASHI BOOKS.


Most of the magazines are focused in the area of life styles: Housing, Home Interiors, Gardening, Travel, Crafts and Shops, City Information, Hobbies, etc.
Other than magazines, we are also producing product catalogues, mail order shop magazines, club member magazines, and other commercial and promotional tools.For More information, go to Editorial


photograph agency |

Basic Rule for photo shooting is "Use Leg." To take a good photo, we go anywhere.

shoooting |

Photo Shootings are not limitied to magazines, but for posters, postcards, and any other materials.

studio |

We have a kitchen studio and a main studio within our office. This will allow us to build a scene for a situation,from model shooting, cooking, home interiors, product close ups, and any othere scenes. Having studio provide faster works at lower costs.

rental |

There are over 100,000 photos of floras, gardens, homes, sceneries, architectures, and much more from around the world.


design |

Designs change day to day in needs of readers and users. Through over 60 magazines and all other commercial activities annually, designers are experienced with expectations whether they are from editors, clients, or users.


event planning |

Expertise and Connections we gain from editorial process, are additional assets of our outcome. With media we create we plan event and tours to take place upon publishment.

alternative tour |

We conducted tours in the following fields: Gardening, Antiques, Log Houses, Aurora, Musicals, and High School and University Field trips.


international business |

Making Log House magazines strengthen our ties with Canada, and resulted in acting as a coordinator for 13 series of TV dramas by FUJI TV called "Rice Curry" (Original Script by Mr. Soh Kuramoto). Followed by coordination of NHK documentaries and WOWOW 20 years anniversary film "GAKU."
Much more interanational businesses are conducted, including Inuit igloo event in Akita, Anne of Green Gables musical in Tokyo, Log Home imports, Hotel constructions in Canada, Importing polar bears, connecting sister facilities and university, etc.